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Dariusz Sadkowski - programmer

alias: Krossfire

age: 31

skills: GODLIKE

about me:
If you came to this site, you are probably looking for programmer or web developer. If you do - I'm just the guy! I'm professional programmer from proud people country - Poland. Programming is my passion since I got my first PC. I have almost 20 years of experience in many languages, software engineering and most of programming disciplines.
tl;dr; - I'm the guy you want to hire!

Welcome to my portfolio site. I hope you will find all the information you are looking for. Feel free to check my latest work, my github stuff and contact me. Have a good time visiting my website!

PHP, C++, JS, HTML, CSS, maybe Unreal Script? There is no language I can not master… well maybe except for Mandarin. Pogramming is not only my job, it’s also my hobby and integral part of my life. From simple web pages to complex games – I can help you with every programming-related task.

From mindstorm to project, from project to prototype, from prototype to final app. All those steps are well known to me and every single one requires not only skills and experience, but also passion. Without passion everything you make is dull, lifeless. Passion helps to make great, exceptional things!

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Everyone needs a break, a bit of time for themselves – for mental sake. However I am not only gamer but also have some experience in game development iself. And no, I won’t give you a discount if you pwn me in Unreal Tournament or because we are guildmates 😉

Simple landing page, custom-templated php script, theme for Joomla!, WordPress, Symfony 2 and/or 3? No problem! All I need is and image the template should be base on. I can also design something for you – just contact me and let’s create something awesome together! Everything with RWD in mind, using frameworks like Bootstrap and Foundation. Responsive web design is my bread and butter as I work as mainly work as web developer for few years now. WebApp capabilities are also provided, so your clients can just put your website as an APP on their homescreens!

We all DO love those fancy, everything-out-of-the-box CMS but nothing is perfect. It’s really annoying when you invested dozens of workhours into your project just to see that chosen CMS lacks some features that are vital for you… you know that feeling, right? Well, don’t worry – I can extend functionality of probably every PHP-based CMS out there, with WordPress and Joomla! at the forefront. From simple plugins to huge, dynamic components with tenths of functionalities or even cross-script integrations (a.k.a. “bridges”).


You have a website but also would like mobile app for it? Or maybe you want to provide some great web-based software for your customers (SaaS)? Maybe you already have basic app skeleton, but your current site doesn’t have any API implemented? They say it is not possible to add some functionality to your existing application? And why there are so many questions, does anyone even read this? If you do – fear not! I’m here to help, and with my help there is no “impossible”. WebApps, mobile apps, desktop apps – just tell me what you need and I will make it reality.

With my experience in game programming and modding I can help you with some game development tasks, from design state, via prototypes, alphas, betas (kappas?), up to final project stage. Unfortunatelly I haven’t released any commercial project yet – but my time will come, and when it comes everyone will kneel before me!… ummm… I mean… it will be great game!
BTW: Try getting an “404 Error” on this site and you will find something funny. Or just click one of the links below:
GAME 1 | GAME 2 | GAME 3 | GAME 4 | GAME 5


My recent (and not so recent) work

Custom gallery for reference purposes. Mobile friendly, handles infinite number of items, provides ability to hide project description, so client can see full photo without any distractions.
Because why not? Just look how awesome it is!
Golf Club Status Plugin
Plugin to display information about current golf club status, like weather, opened/closed courses, availability of trolleys, etc.
Complex customization of "Freelanceengine", including new user roles, infinite-scrolling projects galery, new project details page, new registration page, new user details page, new projects list page, modified blog page and many many more customizations, improvements and fixes.
Social network platform for any kind of associations and communities. Provides users with event management, message board, news board, complex user management, WebApp capabilities and many many more.
Converted PSD to Joomla! template with Mobile support. Added infinicte scroll capatility on landing page, animated tiles, dropdown menus, custom layouts for different types of content.
Art House Reproductions
Developed and applied JavaScript to properly resize frames on painting preview. Also created custom script to import all products from other eCommerce engine (including database entries and images).
Joomla-based website optimizations including proper configuration and code changes. Increased page loading speed by over 300%.
Wordpress theme customizations for music video director Jeremiah Fox.
W3A.PL Website
Redesigned whole w3a.pl website and created Joomla! 3.x template based on the new design. Implemented "Live Chat" feature and toggle-able logo colours (click pencil icon).
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